soft play

Perfect for schools, nurseries, parks and any public outdoor playgrounds, Resin Drives will provide and install bonded rubber mulch surfacing to make outdoor play safer for children’s playtimes and sports. The combination of rubber mulch and resin makes the surface softer and spongier than standard surfaces to help absorb the impact of potential playground or sports related falls.

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Why choose soft play surfacing

  • reduced likelihood of slipping

    The porous surface combined with the great traction means less likelihood of slipping as excess water naturally drains away from the surface and the surface itself naturally provides better grip.

  • environmentally-friendly

    Compared to concrete and tarmac, not only does the surface acts as prevention from potential injury, but it is also much kinder on the environment.

  • range of colours

    An additional benefit is the range of wide colour options Resin Drives can provide. This means you can make playgrounds more unique and engaging to help fuel children’s imaginations or make guidelines for sports using different colours and patterns. Depending on the age group, the playgrounds intended use, and its surroundings you can opt for anything from bright primary colours with bold shapes or rustic earthy colours tones for an authentically natural looking finish.

  • quick and easy

    The quick application and drying time before being ready to use means Resin Drives soft play surfacing is the ideal choice for making play times and sports safer as soon as possible.