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Whilst resin bound surfacing is very popular with home owners it is also widely used in commercial landscaping. Here are just a few applications that this surfacing is perfect for:

  • High pedestrian areas such as footpaths and footbridges.
  • Carparks and cycle routes.
  • New housing developments.
  • Theme parks, hospitals, airports and other public areas.
  • As part of wider landscaping schemes.

On top of this we can also offer bespoke garage door installation and supply for housing developments and company owned vehicles. Read on to discover why resin bound surfacing and Resin Drives in particular, is the ideal choice for installing and supplying your commercial surface. If you intend to install your own commercial surface, please jump to our sister company, Resin Drives Trade, for how we can help.



    The impressive load-bearing strength of our resin bounds underlying layer, means that it is ideal for heavy traffic areas such as carparks and loading areas.

  • Quick setting time

    When the public are relying on a surface to access places, we understand that it’s important that surfacing can be installed and ready to be used as quickly as possible. Luckily, our resin bound surfacing boasts a rapid setting time, and is usually able to be used by the following day.

  • Attractive look

    Whereas concrete, tarmac and block paving can be grey, dull and lifeless, the appearance of our natural stone-look is far more eye-catching whether you opt for a rustic or contemporary finish. With a wide variety of stone colours available, it’s easy to find the right shades to suit your surface, use and aesthetic purpose.

  • Branding & Signage

    We can offer colours and styles to co-ordinate with your brand image and uniquely reflect your business. We can even create logos or directional signage within the surface of the bound stone for marketing purposes or public information.

  • Non-slip

    We know that in high traffic areas, for both motorists and pedestrians, it’s important that good grip is achievable in poor weather conditions. Our resin has a stone-like texture and an anti-slip exterior to offer fantastic friction that aids public safety.

  • Our installations are never subcontracted

    With only the occasional exception of waste management, we never sub-contract installation work, meaning we can consistently maintain the high standard of workmanship for every job we carry out.

  • Peace of Mind with BBA approval Ltd are the only company in the UK with BBA accreditation that has both BBA approved products and offers a BBA approved system. BBA is a leading construction body that symbolizes quality and reassurance. This means that when choosing to use Resin Drives you can be confident that our system is BBA certified. Check out what BBA accreditation means for yourself now .

  • National recognition and over 10 years’ experience

    Since 2007 Resin Drives has grown to become a nationally recognized company in its field. With a fleet of over 50 company vehicles, around a 150 strong team, 2 main show sites and over 250,000 installations under our belt we are one of the largest, most well recognized resin bound companies in the UK with an excellent reputation for high quality and workmanship. Our customer reviews speak for themselves and our ability to grow in a competitive field is no accident, which should speak volumes when it comes to choosing a resin company you can trust.

  • Porous & environmentally friendly

    Water can easily filter through the stone matrix of a resin bound surface, which helps prevent flooding. The porous surface allows the passage of water to reach plant roots, allowing the surrounding trees and greenery to thrive and grow as nature intended. The multi-layered resin bound stone also has the benefit of preventing unsightly weeds from sprouting through - keeping your outdoor areas looking their best for many years to come.

You have the option of full installation and supply or self-installation

Resin Drives offer a full end to end service meaning we will install and supply the full resin bound surface you are looking for or you can choose to purchase the products, tools and even gain training if you plan on doing your own commercial installation. Ltd have been installing drives for over 10 years, meaning we are able to offer a wealth of expertise and advice if you decide to install your own resin bound surface. Please visit our sister company, Resin Drives Trade, for more information on how we can aid you with your own installations.

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